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USPF Professional Championships
Qualification: The Professional competitions are open to all North America domiciled players, classified as Professional by their home associations.

Questions about eligibility? Contact Us.


Entries will only be accepted online via this website; Professional entries must be accompanied by a non-refundable $50 entry fee, payable via paypal as part of the entry process; the entry deadline this year is April 30, 2024.  Tunes names must be submitted with the entry or the entry will be declined.  Tune changes will be permitted through the entry deadline of April 30, 2024.  The organizers reserve the right to limit entries based on logistical limitations of the event.

Send any tune changes after entry to Peter Kent at


Competitors will receive their tune selections and order of play on or about the Wednesday prior to the competition day. 

USPF Professional Piobaireachd Competition:

The Silver Quaich is presented by the St. Andrews Society of Philadelphia. The winner receives a silver replica for retention. Each contestant will submit six (6) Piobaireachd selections, one of which will be selected by the judges.  Prize money will be: 1st - $1000; 2nd - $800; 3rd - $600; 4th $400; & 5th - $200.

USPF Professional March, Strathspey, and Reel Competition:

The Challenge Charger is presented by the St. Andrew's Society of Baltimore. The winner receives a silver replica for retention. Each contestant will submit six (6) competition Marches, six (6) competition Strathspeys, and six (6) competition Reels. The judges' selection is played twice over as a continuous set.  Prize money will be: 1st - $1000; 2nd - $800; 3rd - $600; 4th $400; & 5th - $200.

The overall winner receives the USPF Silver Buckle, as well as trans-Atlantic airfare from the East Coast U.S. to Glasgow, Edinburgh, or London, UK, to compete at eligible senior competitions. In the event of a tie, the overall winner is determined with a piobaireachd preference.

Registration is now closed.



  • Alan Bevan, Abbotsford, British Columbia

  • Amy Garson, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Bruce Hitchings, Kirknewton, Scotland

  • Colin MacLellan, Edinburgh, Scotland

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